Thursday, December 8, 2011

Monitoring at Bellvue and Wrap-up

By Kim Pause Tucker, Ph.D.

Our last day in the field was to be spent monitoring a restored shoreline at a second site (Bellvue boat ramp).  Although I had planned for the tides to be low, the high winds caused the tide to be higher than expected. 

Nonetheless, Jan Mackinnon, our collaborator with GA DNR (also an adjunct professor here at CCGA) had us monitor the Spartina and whatever oysters that were uncovered.  Her guidance this semester has been integral to the success of this course, and we are so appreciative.  We hope that our efforts in bagging, monitoring, and removing invasive species have helped the DNR in their mission.

If you are a CCGA student interested in Coastal Ecology or Conservation Biology, feel free to contact me  Other faculty members that teach in the Ecology track are Drs. Rebecca Yeomans, David Stasek, and Hazel Delcourt.  We would all be happy to speak with you about our program!

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